Chu Da Intelligent... The first half of 2020 proposal improvement, product innovation recognition silhouette.


On July 11, 2020, the first half of 2020 proposal improvement and product innovation commendation meeting will be held to commend outstanding individuals and teams for outstanding performance and outstanding achievements in proposal improvement activities in the first half of 2020.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
In July last year, the company set up a proposal improvement subcommittee, introduced a proposal improvement reward system, and the proposal improvement work was carried out in an orderly manner. In the past year, the company's proposal improvement work has been fully promoted. As of the end of May, the company has proposed 462 improvements, and high-quality proposals have produced benefits of 484000 yuan.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Outstanding proposal recognition, high-quality proposal, quality improvement, cost reduction, efficiency effect is outstanding.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
The third prize for outstanding proposals was awarded by Li Yingfeng, Du Qingxin, Wang Xiaolu, Li Zhifu and Yang Qing (the winners were received by the department head)
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
The second prize for outstanding proposals was awarded by Wang Lingyun, Cai Han, Wu Tianhua and Guo Hui (the winners were received by the department head)
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
First prize for outstanding proposals, winners Guo Yunfei and Yang Hu
The King of Proposals commended the top three in the number of proposals,
Actively participate in proposal improvement activities.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Proposal King Third Prize, Winner He Wen
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
The second prize of the king of proposals, the winner Luo Rui (the winner will be received by the head of the department)
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Proposal King First Prize, Winner Tao Lei
Promote commendation of proposals and actively promote activities to improve proposals,
Organize the implementation of proposal improvement review.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Proposal Promotion Award, winner Li Qiang
The outstanding team of proposal improvement was commended, and the winning departments ranked first in the number of proposals, the number of monthly per capita, the number of outstanding proposals and the percentage of outstanding proposals.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Excellent team bronze award, award-winning team after-sales service department
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Silver Award for Outstanding Team, Award-winning Team Forming Technology Part I
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
Gold Award for Excellent Team, Award-winning Team Machine Workshop
Product Innovation Recognition
Servo different weight feeder, since the start of the project, after three months of teamwork in various departments, to overcome difficulties, in April 2020 successfully put into the market. Servo different weight feeder is in the leading position in the industry, completely independent research and development, suitable for 8 different weight products mixed line production, different weight ratio of 40%.
楚大智能 | 2020年上半年度提案改善、产品创新表彰剪影
First prize for product innovation, servo different weight feeder, project team members: Zhang Guofu, Wang Xu, Kong Lincong, Liu Hu, Xie Yingshuai, Zuo Zuhua, Yang Rui, Yang Hu, yang Qiao, Li Yingfeng, Liu Zhe, Wang Xiaolu, Wu Tianhua, Gao Xiaosun
Today, a grand commendation meeting is held here. The significance of the commendation is not how many material rewards are given or how many honors are won, but to stimulate the innovative spirit of employees. It is to encourage all employees to pay attention to the details of their work and care about the development of the company. I hope that the commended employees can make persistent efforts in their future work, continue to play a leading role, carry forward the spirit of not being afraid of hardship, being brave in innovation and striving for excellence, cherish, another success. At the same time, I hope that all employees will learn from the commended comrades and strive to be commended at the next proposal improvement and product innovation commendation conference!


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