Jingmen chuda electromechanical co., ltd. lean production management seventh training meeting


From October 29th to October 30th, 2019, the Economic and Information Bureau and Jingmen Chuda Electromechanical Co., Ltd. jointly organized a two-day "Lean Production Management Seventh Training Conference" successfully concluded. More than 100 people attended the training, including managers and above in charge of mechanical and electrical engineering of Chuda and representatives of government enterprises and institutions in Duodao District of high tech Zone.

This training was taught by Mr. Mitsui, consultant of the "Lean Production" project of Shanghe Management Consulting Co., Ltd., and Mr. Hu Jian, senior project manager.

The Promotion Committee made the sixth summary report on lean activities.

The lean production expert group reviewed the previous 6 guidance contents and explained the safety management topics.

Company supervisors and above managers to participate in training

Representatives of government enterprises and institutions in the high-tech zone • Duodao District participated in the training

On-site guidance of lean production expert group in assembly workshop

On-site guidance of lean production expert group in machine processing workshop

Lean Production Expert Group Guidance in Technical Center Office

Lean production expert group to summarize the current on-site guidance


Mr. Mitsui affirmed the results of the sixth phase of lean management improvement activities, put forward suggestions and opinions on the problems existing in each workshop, and put forward the key points that should be paid attention to in promoting lean production in the future.


Government enterprises and institutions participating in this training:

Jingmen Market Supervision and Administration Bureau

Wuhan Deep Sea Yizhi Technology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Gurun Technology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Jingshan Light Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.

Yichang Hengbiao Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd.

Hubei Jingsu Technology Development Co., Ltd.

Hubei ShuoLi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.

Hubei Bo Tao Synthetic Fiber Co., Ltd.

Hubei Yongchuangxin Electronics Co., Ltd.

Xiuzhuo Automation Equipment (Hubei) Co., Ltd.

Easton (Hubei) Robot Engineering Co., Ltd.


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