Create a better future with your heart │ Chu Da Intelligent 2021 Annual Summary Commendation Conference Successfully Concluded!


Mindful creationCreating the future together

Looking forward to the Spring Festival, all things are brilliant. Chu people are full of fighting spirit and hope with passion and challenge. On January 18, 2022, Chu Da Intelligent 2021 Annual Summary and Recognition Conference with the theme of "Creating the Future with Heart and Wisdom" was held in the company.

All employees of Chuda Intelligent gathered in the main venue, sub-venue and through online remote video (travel outside the province and overseas personnel) to spend happy time together and look forward to 2021, which is full of opportunities and challenges.

At the beginning of the meeting, Deng Jiyun, deputy general manager of the company, took everyone to review the memorabilia of 2021.

2021 is the year of great-leap-forward development of Chu's intelligence, and all the work has ended in the joy of growth and harvest. This year, the company's main operating indicators were exceeded as scheduled, achieving a good start to the "14th Five-Year Plan.

This year, the company signed a significant increase in the number of orders, in the severe international epidemic situation, the completion of overseas project after-sales service and remote installation guidance;

This year, the company has made outstanding achievements in intellectual property construction, with a total of 28 patents declared throughout the year and authorized by international invention patents;

This year, the company won the first batch of national key "specialized, refined, special, new" small giant honor;

Chu big brand selected CCTV advertising "brand power" project;

Through the provincial enterprise technology center review and management system standards;

The main body of the new plant has been completed, and the conditions for relocation and production have been basically met;


Create the future with your heart. 2022 are looking forward to and the passion of the progressive approach. The chairman of the company, Deng Jiahui, is full of passion to release the 2022-2024 development strategy plan.

Dawn in front, infinite scenery. Through a systematic analysis of the company's internal capabilities and external market environment, Deng further explained the company's strategic guiding ideology, market positioning and development direction goals, and in-depth development of the company's strategic goal implementation plan. The company will unswervingly promote the "3 1" strategic goal with the concept of product differentiation, horizontal diversification, brand internationalization and independent development of core products, and establish a matrix and process-oriented organization by building an international, professional and young team. to achieve efficient coordination inside and outside the company, and strongly support the requirements of great-leap-forward development in the new stage of Chuda Intelligence.

Mr. Huang Jiagui, general manager of the company, made a report on the company's operation in 2022 to welcome the 2022 of unlimited hope.

In the past 2021, the company's sales performance, technology research and development, product delivery rate, lean production, operation management and other aspects have been greatly improved. In the face of the sharp rise in material prices, rising transportation costs, normalized epidemic prevention and control, supply chain instability and other factors, the company calmly respond, take the initiative, the main business indicators have achieved the best results in history, for the company's sustained, healthy and stable development has laid a solid foundation.

In the key work requirements for 2022, Mr. Huang pointed out that we should always take the company's strategy as the guide, take the annual business policy as the guide, conscientiously implement the business policy of "innovation and change, improve quality and efficiency", and solidly promote the work of the three major business sectors in accordance with the working ideas of "lean management, business process and platform digitization, adhere to customer-centric, process-based, lean as the starting point, and value creation as the goal, closely focusing on strategic transformation, technological innovation, market expansion, talent development, organizational change, quality and efficiency improvement and other major tasks. First-class standards, innovation and change, and further enhance the company's comprehensive competitiveness.

In the face of the requirements of strategic development in the new stage, Wu Junbiao, director of the marketing center, is determined to closely focus on the business philosophy of "scientific and technological innovation for excellence", guided by the company's strategic objectives, fully carry forward the "responsible spirit of self-pressurization, sincere and united team spirit, indomitable dedication, and innovative spirit of pursuing excellence", adhere to the market orientation, actively expand the target market, stabilize and expand the market share, through continuous innovation and improvement, improve customer satisfaction, establish a good reputation and brand value in the industry, promote the company's sustained, stable, rapid and healthy development, strive to be high-quality products, and strive to create internationally renowned brands.

This year's achievements embody the painstaking efforts and sweat of Chu people, and are the result of everyone's concerted efforts and unity.


The 2021 Innovation and Excellence Commendation Conference will witness their glorious moment together! Cai Zhixiang, deputy general manager, presented awards to outstanding employees of 2021.

General Manager Huang Jiagui presented awards for outstanding teams.

In 2021, the team honors of "Best Technology Excellence Team", "Best Production Efficiency Improvement Team", "Best Quality Improvement Team", "Best Customer Service Improvement Team" and "Best Team Building Team" were awarded.

Chairman Deng Jiahui presented awards to star employees. Stars in 2021 are divided: "Marketing star", "technological innovation star (electrical)", "technological innovation star (mechanical)", "process optimization star", "production efficiency improvement star", "skill improvement star", "quality improvement star", "quality improvement star", "quality reduction star", "project management star", "service first star", "team management star", are really bright stars.

The blueprint has been drawn, and the sail is just in time. 2022 is the key year for the company to innovate and change, improve quality and efficiency, and achieve leapfrog development. The company will continue to play a leading role in marketing, and continue to deepen the research and development innovation system and comprehensively promote the company's digital factory construction, in accordance with the company's "14th Five-Year Plan" development plan, effectively improve the company's overall operating efficiency and operating quality. Perfect interpretation of "heart made", for the glass industry, so that life is brilliant, create a better future!

We firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the company's board of directors and the hard work of all employees, we will be able to successfully complete the company's strategic goals and tasks, and jointly write a new chapter in the high-quality development of Chu University!

May we move forward with certainty and live up to our youth!


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