Easton (Hubei) industrial robot complete set of intelligent manufacturing production line project officially started


On the morning of May 10, Jingmen High-tech Zone Eston (Hubei) industrial robot complete intelligent manufacturing production line project started construction.

Wang Qiyang, secretary of the municipal party committee, met with Wu Kan, general manager of Nanjing Easton Automation Co., Ltd. Li Tao, deputy secretary of the municipal party committee and mayor, attended the event and announced the start of the project. Municipal Standing Committee, Executive Vice Mayor Liang Zaoyang presided over the commencement ceremony. Luo Shaohua, secretary general of the municipal government, attended the event. Wu Kan, general manager of Nanjing Eston Automation Co., Ltd., and Zhou Junjie, secretary of the Party Working Committee of Jingmen High-tech Zone and secretary of the Duodao District Committee, delivered speeches respectively.

Zhu Chunhua, executive president of Nanjing Eston Automation Co., Ltd. and chairman of Eston (Hubei) Robot Engineering Co., Ltd., Deng Jiahui, vice chairman of Eston (Hubei) Robot Engineering Co., Ltd., and Wang Shifeng, vice president of Hubei Yiwei Power Co., Ltd., attended the event. District leaders Li Peng, Chen Qifu, Guo Jianlin, Sun Dingjun, He Shan, Ding Huacheng and Lu Lei attended the event.

Wu Kan said in his speech

The project started today is the most important project of Easton Group this year. It represents the peak of Easton's intelligent manufacturing industry and also represents Easton's firm determination to continue to invest in the field of intelligent manufacturing, especially in Jingmen City. Eston (Hubei) company as an important part of the development process of Eston, with the beginning of the industrial robot complete set of intelligent manufacturing production line project, will play an increasingly important role in the national industrial intelligent transformation.


Zhou Junjie said in his speech

2016Easton cooperates with Chuda Electromechanical, and Jingmen High-tech Zone has an intelligent manufacturing enterprise invested by a listed company;2019Eston acquired the century-old welding robot giant German Cruise Company to enter the first camp of the global robot industry;2021Eston's shipments exceeded 10000 units, becoming the world's fifth and China's first intelligent robot manufacturer; on November 29, 2021, Mayor Li Tao led a team to Nanjing Eston headquarters to discuss Eston's Jingmen High-tech Zone The second phase of the expansion project, today this wish has finally been realized.


Zhou Junjie said

Jingmen High-tech Zone is now in a period of rapid development, especially the vigorous development of new energy and new materials industry."Hundreds of billions of lithium industry"Easton is closely related to the complete set of equipment manufactured by lithium-ion, and hopes that Easton can seize the development of the new energy industry."Vent Period"in Jingmen again.achieve leapfrog development. Jingmen High-tech Zone will, as always, provide a full range of "nanny-style" services for project construction. While doing a good job in epidemic prevention and control and safe production, it will race against time to seize progress and strive for excellence to ensure quality, so that the project can be completed, put into production and achieve results as soon as possible.


Eston (Hubei) industrial robot complete set of intelligent manufacturing production line project investment of 0.12 billion yuan, will build a new production workshop of more than 24000 square meters, build an annual output of 500 sets (sets) of industrial robot intelligent manufacturing production line, and supporting the construction of product display experience center, R & D center and other auxiliary facilities. After the project is completed and put into production, eston (Hubei) company will have the one-stop service capability of industrial robot design and development, processing and manufacturing, assembly and commissioning, installation and delivery, so as to better meet the project needs of high quality, high standard and fast delivery in the new energy industry. The construction of the project will further enhance the technical level of Jingmen industrial robots and intelligent manufacturing, enhance the industrial synergy of the industrial chain of the whole life cycle of power energy storage batteries in Jingmen High-tech Zone, and inject new and stronger impetus into the acceleration of the construction of 100 billion industrial clusters of new energy and new materials in Jingmen High-tech Zone.





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