Chu Da Intelligent Turning and Milling Compound Machining Center Equipment Procurement Bidding Announcement



 1. HubeiChu Da Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.Right.(No.Chuda-2022-01)The items and services listed in Chapter III are competitively negotiated.

2. Hubei Chuda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. invites qualified and capable equipment manufacturers and agents to participate in and provide sealed bidding for the bidding equipment and services.

3. Start time for obtaining bid documents: 2022Year 8Month

Time of bid opening:Tentative30 September 2022

Place of bid opening: conference room on the second floor of Hubei chuda intelligent equipment co., ltd.

4. Suppliers shall sign in at the staff at the bid opening place before bidding.

            5,During the bid evaluation period, the bid evaluation committee may inquire about the bid documents with the relevant bidders. At that time, the bidders must have authorized representatives who are familiar with the bidding scheme and equipment and can determine the relevant terms of the bid documents.

            6For inquiries about this bidding, please callWords or emailsForm contact with the Tender Committee personnel.

ground  Address: Duodao, Jingmen City, Hubei ProvinceJingnan Avenue, High-tech Zone1No.

Contact:Zuo Zuhua

Electricity Words:13972006736 



Bidding Documents:

Download link: https://pan.baidu.com/s/1xx9etd1cPa9c1WH3jeonYw?pwd=5hbj
Extraction code: 5hbj



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