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Hubei Chuda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

  Hubei Chuda Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd.was established in 2005.It is located in Jingmen High-tech Zone,a national-level high-tech zone and a characteristic carrier of double innovation.It focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of Japanese glass intelligent equipment.It is a national-level specialized and special new"little giant"Enterprise,selected as CCTV's"Brand Power Project".The company invested in the establishment of Chu Da Intelligent(Wuhan)Technology Research Institute Co.,Ltd.,and a joint venture with the robot company Nanjing Easton(stock code:002747)to establish Easton(Hubei)Robot Engineering Co.,Ltd.The company has more than 330 employees and more than 70 middle and senior professional and technical personnel,including 1 doctor and 7 master's degree.It has obtained more than 60 domestic and foreign patents and serves more than 600 global daily,medicinal and special glass enterprises.The complete sets of equipment are exported to more than 20 countries such as Russia,Turkey,India,Mexico and Brazil.

  The company takes"glass forming,original batching system,robot and intelligent production line"as its core business and provides intelligent system solutions for the global Japanese glass industry.The invented 8S and 9S series rotary bottle ma machines develop intelligent molding control system and multi-material weight servo feeder to realize mixed production of various bottle types.The developed intelligent storage and automatic batching system for glass raw materials ensures stable,accurate,energy-saving and environmental protection in the production process.Master robot motion control,image recognition and positioning,binocular three-dimensional vision,flexible fixture and other robot and vision core technologies,it is the first to realize the intelligent application of hot,cold and deep processing links in the Japanese glass industry.Relying on many years of service experience and technology in the glass industry,it provides a complete set of intelligent system solutions for Japanese glass projects from consulting,research and development,production,delivery to training.

  Hubei Province Glass Intelligent Equipment Enterprise Technology Center has been set up,Dassault 3D digital research and development platform has been set up,PLM,Manage project management,CRM,Dingjie T100ERP,WMS and MES systems have been introduced,Japanese experts have been hired to guide lean production,advanced equipment such as Mazak flexible production line,5-axis turn-milling composite processing center,robot welding,etc.have been introduced to ensure product quality with advanced technology.Inspection equipment such as three-coordinate measuring instruments and spectrum analyzers,ensure rigorous product testing.

  Chu Da Intelligent takes"flexible,intelligent,efficient,safe and reliable"industry equipment as its development direction,unremittingly pursues innovation and drives China's"intelligent"manufacturing.Chuda Intelligent's vision is to"become a in glass intelligent equipment",to build the"5G Industrial Internet"Japanese glass industry smart factory,for the digital transformation of the industry to empower.We will continue to provide customers with quality products and professional services!



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