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The General Office of the National Development and Reform Commission issued the "Notice on Deepening the Pilot Work of Remanufacturing" on the 14th. The notice clearly stated that the types and scope of remanufacturing products will be expanded, and policy support will be increased to speed up the preparation of the "Remanufacturing Product Catalog." Industry insiders said that the technology and conditions for the development of the remanufacturing industry are mature and will enter the fast lane due to policy support.
Expansion of pilot scope and product range
Remanufacturing refers to the use of high-tech mechanical and electrical products for professional repair or upgrading, so that it is restored to the same or better than the new product mass manufacturing process.
On the basis of the original remanufacturing scope, the National Development and Reform Commission decided to expand the scope of remanufacturing pilots, including the types and scope of remanufacturing products, and continue to organize remanufacturing pilots.
The notice clearly stated that it is necessary to appropriately expand the scope of remanufacturing products for auto parts, continue to remanufacture engines, transmissions and other products, increase transmission shafts, oil pumps, water pumps, booster pumps and other components to remanufacture; carry out agricultural machinery such as tractors and combine harvesters. Remanufacturing pilot.
In addition, the notice also encourages remanufacturing technology companies to provide overall solutions and related services for metallurgy, mining, chemical and other industries, and carry out pilot projects of specialized remanufacturing services; explore and improve the sales channels of recyclable old parts and remanufactured products, and carry out relevant pilot projects for network construction; and strengthen the production and industrial application of specialized domestic equipment related to remanufacturing.
It is reported that the pilot work will select some representative enterprises with remanufacturing foundation in China, continue to explore the policies, management systems and regulatory systems for the development of remanufacturing industry, and provide experience for the establishment of remanufacturing related technical standards, market access conditions and circulation supervision system.
Remanufactured Product Catalogue is being prepared
The notice pointed out that the investment in the central budget will be used to provide necessary financial support for the construction of key projects, technology research and development, old parts reverse recovery system and resource recycling projects of pilot units; actively implement investment and financing policies and measures to support the development of circular economy, and provide diversified credit support including credit loans to remanufacturing enterprises included in national pilot units; priority will be given to mature remanufacturing technologies, processes, equipment and products into the relevant directory encouraged by the state.
In addition, the NDRC will continue to improve preferential policies. At present, the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Finance have formed a "Remanufactured Product Catalog" compilation team in conjunction with relevant departments. According to the pilot situation, remanufactured products that meet new product standards and large-scale production will be included in the catalog and enjoy corresponding preferential policies. Encourage government agencies and institutions to give priority to the use of remanufactured products.
It is understood that the products included in the "Remanufactured Product Catalog" will receive relevant tax incentives.
According to the research of Xu Binshi, academician of the Academy of Engineering, compared with new products, remanufactured products will save 50% of costs, 60% of energy and 70% of materials, and the adverse impact on the environment will be significantly reduced compared with manufacturing new products.
At the moment of emphasizing energy conservation and emission reduction, the remanufacturing industry is expected to enter the fast lane. Xu Binshi pointed out that since the reform and opening up, my country's imported equipment alone has reached one trillion yuan. These equipment are about to enter the scrapped period. If they can be repaired through remanufacturing projects, this will be a huge market.
A brokerage analyst said that it is difficult to accurately estimate the market size of the remanufacturing industry. However, it is certain that remanufacturing is in line with the theme of today's energy conservation and environmental protection, and has high economic value and development space. The annual output value of the remanufacturing industry in the United States in 2002 was 0.4 percent of GDP. According to the current level of GDP in China, even at the level of 0.4, the market space is 100 billion yuan.


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