Encourage the import of technology and product catalogues


Recently, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Commerce jointly revised and issued the catalogue of technologies and products encouraged to be imported (2011 Edition). The release of the catalogue aims to actively expand the import of advanced technology, key components, domestic shortage of resources and energy-saving and environmental protection products, and better play the positive role of import discount policy in promoting independent innovation and structural adjustment.
The contents of the catalogue involving the daily glass industry are:
1. to encourage the introduction of advanced technology
A187 Waste Glass Automatic Color Separation Technology
A202 glass full oxygen combustion technology
A203 Glass Bottles Lightweight Production Technology
A204 Heat-resistant Glass-ceramic Tableware Production Technology
Important equipment encouraged by 2. to import
B112 determinant bottle making machine: electronic servo drives eight groups of three drops and above; electronic servo drives ten groups of two drops and above; small mouth blowing pressure (NNPB) equipment
B113 cullet sorting equipment: processing capacity ≥ 12 T/h; Reject/broken glass treatment capacity ≥ 1%; Quality requirements for treated cullet: magnetic metal impurity ≤ 0.1, non-magnetic metal impurity ≤ 2/25kg, quartz, ceramic, sand and other impurities ≤ 1/25kg (impurity Ф>2.5mm) and ≤ 4/25kg (impurity Ф>0.9mm)
B114 glass thermal processing equipment: glassware pressure blowing production equipment (machine speed ≥ 35/min, above 16 stations); Goblet welding and stretching machine (machine speed ≥ 35/min, above 48 stations); Laser bursting machine (machine speed ≥ 35/min, above 36 stations)
The Catalogue of Encouraged Imported Technologies and Products (2011 Edition) shall be implemented as of the date of promulgation, and the Catalogue of Encouraged Imported Technologies and Products (2009 Edition) shall be abolished at the same time.


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