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A grand gathering to write a blueprint for development; an agreement to bring thousands of attention!

On January 18, Hubei Chuda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. held a strategy release, merit recognition and 2023 business work conference, revised and released the 2023-2025 company strategy, deployed 2023 work, and commended 2022 outstanding individuals, merit teams and merit stars. All the staff of Chu Da Intelligent gathered together to relive the joy of the year and look forward to the future!


Before the meeting, Deputy General Manager Deng Jiyun led everyone to review 2022. The past year was an extraordinary year with many bright spots: the company's orders increased by more than 26%; The new product truss robot, binocular visual material weight measurement and bottle making machine bus control were successfully developed and passed the customer's acceptance. 8S and 9S equipment upgrade, key components research success, product quality improvement; the unattended technology of the original batching system and the introduction of 5G + industrial Internet technology have taken the first step of the intelligent batching system.........

On Development Strategy

At the meeting, Chairman Deng Jiahui released the blueprint of the three-year strategic plan for 2023-2025, pointing out that the company has entered a period of rapid development, and our mission of focusing on making intelligent system solutions for the Japanese glass industry has not changed, and will embark on the capital market. Emphasize the importance of corporate culture to the development of the company, increase "responsibility" as one of the company's core values, and point out that responsibility is the courage to take responsibility, be responsible to customers, employees, society, and shareholders; require the management team to adhere to the four modernizations of "product differentiation, horizontal diversification, brand internationalization, and core technology autonomy"; for the next three years, product and technology development trends and smart factories The construction and talent strategy have made arrangements and requirements, requiring the management team to be customer-centric and striver-oriented, establish a good and sustainable business approach to maintain Chu Da's intelligence.

Spectrum New Chapter Creat Brilliance

General Manager Huang Jiagui made the company's work report in 2023. He emphasized that the company's strategy should be taken as the guide, the annual business policy and objectives should be taken as the guide, and the mentality of "managing the business with heart and continuously creating value" to earnestly implement the business policy of "innovation and change, quality improvement and efficiency improvement, and excellence.

Focusing on the work idea of "consolidating lean, deep cultivation and process, and embracing digitization", we should solidly promote the work of the three major business sectors, adhere to the principle of "customer-centered and striver-oriented", and closely focus on the main work of strategic transformation, technological innovation, market expansion, talent development, organizational reform, quality and efficiency improvement, so as to further enhance the comprehensive competitiveness of the company.

Together to win the future

At the meeting, Director Wu Jun made "2023 Marketing Center Work Report"; Director Zou Shiwei made "2023 Ingredients Division Work Report"; Director Fan Shengzheng made "2023 Technology Center/Robot Division Work Report" and Director Dong Yigang made "2023 Supply Chain Management Center Work Report"; Director Yun Zhengmao made "2023 Quality Center Work Report"; Director Xiong Xuejun made "2023 Production Center Work Report"; director Qiu Fu first made "2023 Financial Center Work Report"; Deputy General Manager Deng Jiyun made "2023 Administrative Service Center Work Report".

Roll up your sleeves and do it.

The wind is strong and the sail is full of new ambition, and it is just then to forge ahead. The supervisors of each center issued the business strategy based on the completion of the work in 2022 and the work objectives and tasks in 2023, and signed the performance statement and the safety responsibility statement.

Table Advanced Tree Example

This year, Hubei Chuda Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. emerged a group of outstanding employees and teams. They are innovative, professional, hardworking, pragmatic, and capable. They have proved with practical actions that they can make extraordinary contributions in ordinary positions. Their hard work and persistence have won appreciation and recognition. They are role models, models and the pride of the company! Without their efforts, the company would not be as beautiful as it is today. Without their efforts, the company would not have taken off tomorrow.

Outstanding Star of 2022


2022 Performance Team of the Year

Outstanding Individual in 2022

Lucky Draw

The "lucky draw" was also held at the scene, which pushed the atmosphere of the event to a climax, and the atmosphere was very warm.

Finally, Chairman Deng Jiahui advocated everyone with "co-creation, co-construction, and sharing", requiring each employee to create value for customers and society, jointly manage Chuda Intelligence, establish a beautiful corporate image, enhance brand influence, and promise to develop results Share together, let employees and partners have a sense of gain and happiness, and let more outstanding employees become partners of Chuda Intelligence. In 2023, the company will focus on customers, continue to innovate, work hard, create the future together, and empower the glass industry. We have a long way to go. I firmly believe that under the correct leadership of the management team with Mr. Huang as the core, and with the hard work of all employees, I have the ability to complete the company's goals and tasks and create the glory of Chu Daxin!

Thanks to employees, their families, global customers, partners and people from all walks of life for their help and support! As the Spring Festival is approaching, on behalf of the company's management team, I wish all employees, family members and partners a happy New Year, smooth work and happy family!


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