Longquan Middle School Held 2023 "Chu Da Intelligent Inspirational Scholarship" Award Ceremony


On May 11, the 2023 "Chu Da Intelligent Inspirational Scholarship" award ceremony of Longquan Middle School was held in the sports ground of the headquarters. Principal Ma Chunhua attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. The person in charge of the Student Financial Assistance Center, senior two management staff and all senior two students participated in the activity.

President Ma Chunhua delivered a speech

In his speech, President Ma Chunhua expressed his gratitude to Chu Da Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. and sent a message to the second-year high school students: to pass on love and return to the society; to strengthen faith and pursue dreams; to study diligently and improve skills. He encouraged the students to set up lofty ideals, cherish their youth and study hard, do not avoid problems, do not give up until the end, review and prepare for the exam with a positive attitude, always be grateful, and aspire to become talents and serve the country!

Principal Ma Chunhua presented awards to "Longquan Star" winners Kang Enming and Zhou Yutong


Director of the Student Financial Assistance Centre, Yu Shangfa, read out the list of commendations.


Senior 2 branch secretary Du Sansan presided over the meeting




Senior 2 (21) Ban Kang Enming made a speech

Senior 2 (22) Class Lu Haotian Speedies

"Star of Mengquan"

"Star of Huiquan"

"Spring Star"

It is reported that the "Chu Da Intelligent Inspirational Scholarship" was donated by Chu Da Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. to grant scholarships to Longquan Middle School in Jingmen City. It rewards 52 senior high school students each year, totaling 100000 yuan. Among them, there are 2 "Longquan Star" with a scholarship of 5000 yuan/person; 10 "Mengquan Star" with a scholarship of 3000 yuan/person; 20 "Huiquan Star" with a scholarship of 2000 yuan/person; "Shunquan Star" 20, scholarship 1000 yuan/person.

Source: Longquan Middle School, Jingmen City


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